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Pyro is a hard bot to forget.
Devoted to live and end his life like his idol, Optimus Prime, he's even modded himself to fit the bill.
Click the picture above or head over to eBay to have a closer look at our favorite slightly nutty Wrecker.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Transformers Animated cartoon and action figure series was truly an inspired effort by the animators
and character designers, like Derrick Wyatt. Especially well done was the revamp of Ultra Magnus.
No longer a duplicate of Prime with a powerful external armor, he was portrayed a superior to Optimus
with a powerful  robot and alt mode and a intimidating hammer as tall as he was.
I wanted to convey that design in my own way with the recent Leader Class Sentinel Prime figure.

Take a look at the gallery by clicking the link above or head to the eBay auction below to see more of my take on this iconic Transformers character.



It ain't the Wreckers without Springer. He gets in, gets it done and gets the girl. The jock with a brain and a blade. Have a closer look by clicking the above picture or checking out the eBay auction below.


Ah, good ol' Skywarp. My favorite of the 3 original seekers from the Transformers cartoon in the 80's
and still the one with my favorite color scheme. Enjoy!


This customs is the winner of the Sector 70 Megatron contest. For those of you who have read the
IDW Megatron:Origins storyline, this is my take on the Origins character. In the story you can see Megatron
begin to change from a downtrodden miner to the leader of a powerful sect of Cybertronians.

Click the picture below so see more pictures of this customs or have a look at the eBay widget below.
"All Hail Megatron!"



 Evil Autobots! Heroic Decepticons? Starscream watching Megatron's back? Hound secretly trying to usurp Optimus' power? No way...but if that's the case...what's up with Ultra Magnus?

Enjoy the full gallery by clicking the picture below, or by having a look at the auction now on eBay. Enjoy!!


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Sometimes, bet on the little guy! The Generation 1 Jumpstarter updated for the Classics series, Twin Twist. Click the picture above or the eBay link below to have a closer look at him.

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Yep, everyone's favorite radioactive seeker has hit the Bay-verse. I've had this idea rumbling in my head ever since I picked up this big guy, so I'm glad that I was able to get it knocked out now that the holidays are finally winding down.

Click the picture to view the gallery of old Sunstorm.




Reveal the Shield Jazz is, by far. the best Transformer action figure to arrive on store shelves this year. I know I'm biased, as he's also my favorite character outside of Prime, but how long have you been waiting to get a Jazz in your collection?
I thought so!
Head over to eBay to see a G1 inspired Martini Racing styled Jazz.
The perfect gift for the Transformer fan in your neck of the woods.


Last day on eBay (yeah, I'm on the ball!) and one of my favorite more recent customs to date.

The concept of "the bad guy gone good", repenting for his past sins and conquering his demons while trying
to make allies out of his former enemies: That's what Drift is all about.
Click the pic below to get a better look at my latest Human Alliance custom...and prepare for whats' next.


Pow!!! Zowee!!

You gotta love Warpath, man! He's the man with all the right words!
A personal favorite, I had to recreate him for the G1 fabs out there, as well as those enjoying him
on the War For Cybertron game.

Click the picture below for a closer look for the bot of many words, Warpath!

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Impactor Conversion Kit

If you would like to have a closer look at the kit, have a gander (Wow, that sounds country!)
at the the close-up look on my You Tube Channel.

The cost of the kit is $50.00 shipped USPS Priority here in the US and $65.00 shipped International Priority.
There are NO refunds for a preorder
(So make sure your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband, mom, etc says it's okee-dokee!).

Due to the popularity of one of the most interesting TF characters and my lack of ability to keep up with the Impactor Commission requests, in collaboration with Savio-Prime of TFW,2005, we will be producing Impactor Conversion Kits.

These kits are meant to work with the Transformer Crossover/Marvel figures Captain America and Iron man. This will give you everything you need to make your own Impactor at home. Have a look at the Graphic below to see what the kits will come with.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

And as always, Wreck N' Rule, bitches!

The Return of...

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Here he is! Impactor version 2.0. Taking the feedback I received to heart, I made some changes to this commission of the Wrecker Leader. You'll notice a much smoother head that's more polished and clean than the first.

Click on the Image to view more images of ol' Harpoon hand!

You know, I never planned on doing the entire Wreckers team, but here I am, 4 into the group.
One of my all time favorite Autobots and Wreckers, Roadbuster. Smart, strong and violet.
That's my kinda Autobot.

Have a look at eBay to see my latest custom, or click the main photo to have a look in the gallery.


One of everyone's favorite Jumpstarters Twin Twist!
Click on the picture to have a closer look at the Gallery for one pf my fave Wreckers. Enjoy, and thanks for looking!

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Truth be told, I'm a huge Bleach fan.
If your not familiar with the Bleach Anime or Manga, I doubt I could fiil you in on it with this web page.
However, if you are, have a look at my most recent eBay auction, Kurosaki Ichigo, Transformer style!!
Darkcave Customs,Impactor,Wreckers,Wrecker,Last Stand of the Wreckers,G1,Classics,Transformers Crossovers
The Wreckers are a crack team of Autobot specialists dedicated to one cause, taking out every single Decepticon they can. While some of the more popular members are Springer, Ultra Magnus and Roadbuster, their  first leader gave them the phrase that defines how they work: Wreck N' Rule!

Now on eBay, here is my take on this classics character from the Transformer Universe. Be sure to pick up an issue of the Last Stand of the Wreckers comic to learn even more about the great character.

And of course, have a look on the gallery pages here at my site or over on eBay to see more of Impactor.
Wreck N' Rule!

Now on eBay, everyone's favorite Targetmaster team with an attitude, Ricochet and Nightstick.
The G1 toy was essentially a repaint of the G1 Jazz. Well, I've followed suit,
staying close to the original figure in color and decal application.
Head over to eBay by clicking the "view and bid" link on the widget above,
or click the image below to hav a look at all 51 images of one of my favorite characters of yesteryear.

No way! Someone made a custom of me Sweet!
Eat THAT Rotorstorm!"

If you haven't seen the latest TFCC Comic, or read any of IDW's Last Stand of the Wreckers series,
you may not know this little guy. He's Ironfist!

He reminds me a lot of the G1 Bumblebee's personality, always willing to help and in awe of the guys he gets to work with. But a lil' more hardened and experienced. Still, definitely the comedy relief of the Wreckers.

Click the pic or head to the gallery to see more of Ironfist.
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If you're a G1 Transformers fan, you may have been shaking your head at one of the coolest toys from back then, Jetfire/Skyfire. Cool armor, large and sturdy figure and it even had 3 modes. face? Have a look at this gallery of my most recent commission, an evil version of the Autobots aerial heavy hitter, Decepticon Jetfire... now with a face!

This is a Commission piece, which means this goes right to the collection of the collector who ordered it. What's missing from your collection?



Thanks to the bidders and lookers who enjoyed the Revenge of the Fallen Dynobots.
Have a recommendation for my next project? I'll be happy to hear it.